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    Lion's Mane (Hericium erinaceus) Organic 10:1 High Strength Dual Extract

    Packs of 200 x Capsules @ 500mg Total Weight 100g (TNE)

    50% Polysaccharides, Of which Beta 1,3/1,6 D Glucan (35%) Of which Alpha Glucan (20%) No Fillers, Binders, or Flow Agents ORGANIC 10:1 Dual Extract. 200 x 500mg / 100g Per Pack. 200 x Vegan Capsules per pack. 3rd Party Lab Tested. Aspiro Ltd is based in Edinburgh Scotland, with the motto "Elevate your life" we aim to provide the highest quality organic and vegan supplements at the best value on the market. Watch our website for new products as our company grows. Support Local Businesses
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  • PandoraStar



    PandoraStar is an advanced light machine featuring 12 stroboscopic LEDs that offers a fast, safe and easy way to reach deep trance states.

    That is why people worldwide use PandoraStar for their personal development and professionally with clients…

    Guide the brain into a Hypnagogic state in minutes

    Simulates the transition from wakefulness to sleep, when the brain is susceptible to altered states of consciousness

    Reach a deep trance state and switch off the outside world

    Completely safe and easy to use

  • CO2 Extracted Organic 99% Pure Crystal

    Perfect for Vaporisation

    Organic CO2 Extract.
    • Contains hemp-extracted CBD powder
    • Laboratory-tested / cannabinoid content verified 99.42%
    • Designed for high milligram CBD content
    • 100% THC free
    Please note: CBD isolates can only be legally vaped in the UK and cannot be ingested.
    (This is a food grade organic product)
  • Lucid Dream Tea: Artemisia vulgaris flower Tea

    Regal Quality: 100% Pure Mugwort Flowers (No Stem) Hand-harvested from the Scottish highlands in peak season. 25g finely ground ready for your tea strainer of choice. Enjoy lucid dreams and presence with this wonderful herb. Healthline.com - Mugwort: A Weed with Potential Healthline.com - What Is Mugwort? A Comprehensive Overview Please do your own research, Mugwort contains Thujone which can build up in the liver. We offer no medical advice EVER and take no responsibility for your use of this product, you use this dream tea at your own risk.
  • ROXIVA – RX1


    Engage the full potential of your mind

    Take advantage of your brain’s natural, powerful and unique ability to tune in to and follow an external rhythm. Use powerful stroboscopic light and sound technology to create reliable and consistent states of mind for increased wellness in your home and work life. Welcome to roXiva Innovations and the RX1. The roXiva RX1 audio-visual brainwave entrainment device. Units are shipped directly from the warehouse on ordering, as demand is very high at the moment please note there is a delay of a few weeks on delivery. We hope to have supply increased to meet demand over the coming weeks.  
  • Turkey Tail Extract: Dual Extract in Brandy

    Scottish Wild Harvested Turkey Tail Dual extracted in Brandy. 30ml Healthline.com - 5 Immune-Boosting Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushroom Healthline.com - Can Turkey Tail Mushrooms Help Fight Cancer? We offer no medical advice EVER and take no responsibility for your use of this product, you use this dream tea at your own risk.
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